STS helps stock and maintain the Tucson International Airport Military Lounge.  Located on the ground floor between baggage carousel's 4 and 5.  This facility provides complimentary snacks, beverages and rest facilities 24/7/365.  The lounge also has computers, a television and movies.  In 2018 more than 5,000 troops and their families visited lounge.


These 4 young soldiers graduated 10 weeks of basic training at Ft Leonard Wood in Missouri on April 15, 2019. That evening they were in the military lounge here at the Tucson airport. They were waiting for the shuttle to Ft Huachuca where they will train in Human Intelligence. After 18 weeks they will be interrogators using their language skillis in Korean and Russian.


A troop movement of 45 soldiers from Ft Jackson April 15, 2019. When the military lounge is full the soldiers overflow into the Tucson airport  board room as seen here.


"Oh my gosh what I have done to myself." This young lady recently graduated basic training.